Audrey Tautou, Untitled. Courtesy of the artist.

Audrey Tautou, Untitled. Courtesy of the artist.

In a series of self-portraits using film photography, and shown to the public for the first time, Audrey Tautou explores her image, playing with her celebrity status by turning herself into her own model. As creator of her own image, she imagines herself, not without humor, from head to toe, in dramatizations which openly bear the signs of their artificiality. These photographic fictions create the space for her long-distance look at herself, and invent another angle on the actress.


Exhibition curator: Sam Stourdzé.
Prints by L’Atelier Publimod, Paris.
Wallpaper by Processus, Paris.
Framing by Circad, Paris.
With support from the Centre des Monuments Nationaux.