brokenice: 160118 - 170811

curated by ruben lundgren

In his spare time blogger BrokenIce hits the street of old Beijing armed with a camera and one request: “Tell me one thing about yourself that is true and one thing that is not true.” It’s a simple concept, consistently executed, that led to remarkable results. The blog, or actually a WeChat subscription account under his name BrokenIce, is a collection of his findings on the street titled according to the date of the post. It combines observations on the street and full body portrait photographs with detail shots of the outfits and answers given by the models. Which part of the answer is true and which part isn’t often stays undefined, adding an extra layer to portraits. Similar to photographers like Liu Tao and 223 who started their career online, BrokenIce has no particular photography education or background of making exhibitions. Instead he decided to share his photography explorations online. As a curator I have taken this opportunity to offer BrokenIce his first “real” solo exhibition.

Ruben Lundgren

LOCATION : jimei citizen center