Coca Dai (Dai Jianyong)

Born 1976, Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province, China. Lives and works in Shanghai.

Dai Jianyong, also known as Coca Dai, has been actively working as a freelance artist in photography since 2000. His personal family history and Shanghai daily life are of great inspiration to his photographic projects, and a number of his works address related topics. His photographs are distinguished by a spontaneous, snapshot, documentary style which stands out in its unapologetic ability to narrate with images a passionate and brutal perspective of contemporary Chinese society.

Dai Jianyong’s projects have been displayed in group and solo exhibitions, such as 2010 Beijing Caochangdi Photography Spring Festival, 2012 Pingyao International Photography Festival (Award winner) and 2016, 11th Shanghai Biennale Exhibition etc. He has been on artistic residency programs in New York and Finland.