Deng Yun’s photographs are personal, sensational, honest and seldom beyond the depiction of his own life. However, what Deng creates are still particular and precious enough to raise sincere reactions from Deng’s contemporaries. This is possibly a result that Deng has been gazing at his own life for a long time, with greedy eyes and a sensitive mind. Besides, he happens to be a slow person enjoying enough solicitude to allow trifles float up and drift to the centre of the sight. Bearing a contemporary life, Deng has anchored some emotions otherwise easy to be neglected: the no longer irritating loneliness, the silence expecting erratic encounters, the restrained day-to-day disappointment.  Deng shares many features with Wolfgang Tillmans. Their expressions are eventually the composition of themselves and what they bring to light are exactly what they are immersed. The depth of the works then depends on their acuteness and honesty. While today our sensations are manipulated to slide in acceleration, Deng tends to dive into trivial matters and impassively confront with his own life.  In this sense, what tenderly touches us in Deng’s photos are in fact, our own lives.

Nie Xiaoyi