Cai Yirong, Cao Mengwen, Du Yanfang, Gan Yingying, Song Shuyang, Wu Mengyuan, Zhou Yang


Mountains are fluctuations of the earth’s surface, expression is a fluctuation of the face, emerging and declining are fluctuations of history, age is the fluctuation of life. Individually, fluctuations can take us from the troughs of despair to the peaks of delight, a cycle from depth to climax. The outcome of a fluctuation is a period of peace after long uncertain times. The surface of a calm sea is made up of millions of tiny fluctuations. A peaceful existence can be credited to every single fluctuation of the heart. Because you can be certain that, wrapped in silent exteriors, everyone is buzzing and undulating beneath the stillness.

This exhibition is a continuation of the Zhongnan Mountain Art Residency organized by Xi'an Yuan Gallery. Artists Cai Yirong, Cao Mengwen, Du Yanfang, Gan Yingying, Song Shuyang, Wu Mengyuan and Zhou Yang gathered and spent 10 days together in the sacred mountains of Zhongnan in the winter of 2018.

Through the images of these seven artists, Fluctuation attempts to tease apart worlds of silence and examine the ups and downs of mountainous undulating truths. In the act of breaking down photographic boundaries, these seven photographers are on a quest to reveal the moving parts of consciousness underneath its plain appearance, to scratch at false silences, and show how much they care about life and existence.

Gan Yingying

LOCATION: Jimei Citizen Square Main Exhibition Hall