Ha Tae-Bum

Born 1974, Seoul, Korea. Lives and works in Seoul.

Ha Tae-Bum works with video and three-dimensional installations based on photographic images. He was originally trained as a sculptor, receiving his M.F.A. from Stuttgart State Academy of Art & Design, Germany, in 2009, and his B.F.A/M.F.A. from Chung-Ang University, Korea, in 2001. He is mainly interested in truth and the mass media’s distribution of information about current incidents and accidents occurring in our society. He recomposes in his works catastrophic incidents, natural disasters, wars and accidents. He also collects photographs of terrorist attacks and crime scenes exposed in the media to re-fabricate these scenes into decolorized, white objects. Then he photographs them in an exactly identical composition as the reported news images. Ha Tae-Bum is the recipient of the 2013 SongEun Art Award - Excellence Prize (SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation, Seoul), as well as two other art prizes: one from the SeMa Young Artist Support Program, Seoul (2010), and the 23rd Joong-Ang Fine Arts Competition - Excellence Prize, Ho-Am Art Hall, Seoul (2001). He was a finalist for the Korea Artist Prize in 2015.