Hu Weiyi portrait.jpeg

HU Weiyi

Hu Weiyi (born 1990 in Shanghai) is a young new media artist based in Shanghai. He graduated from CAFA in 2016 with a Master's degree in intermedia art. Maybe because of his youth, his work is full of exploration of the unknown, grasping at sadness of life, curiousity towards natural and physical damage - in works such as Low Landscape or his Flirt series. He is coming out of a stage of grammatical imitation into a world in which he shapes his own language. From new media star toself-confident introspective artist, he has grasped this transformation very well. From inner thinking to a more direct expression of his understanding of the world. Hu reverses the random and naturally generated relationship of subjective expression, and presets the audience's track. Like mature artists, he has a good grasp of the space, concepts and external extension of the information. His recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition at Beijing’s UCCA, There is no straight line between two points (2015), Helmhaus Art Gallery’s Mountains Beyond Mountains (2016), and Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum group exhibition, Body Media II (2017).