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Lee Youngho

Born 1979, Seoul, South Korea. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany, and Seoul.

Lee is inspired by digging through visual devices, film, and social history, which she recombines or restructures within her installation works. In her installations, Lee seeks to create personal fantasy theater spaces that arouse excitement for the experience of time and space, and the familiar and unfamiliar. Lee seeks to identify new relationships between the digital medium and human senses through the development of these synesthetic environments. She has participated in projects at Residency Unlimited Residency, New York (2017), Apexart New York Fellow, New York (2017), Seoul Art Space Geumcheon Residency, South Korea (2016-2017), Asia Culture Center/ACT Creator Residency, South Korea (2015-2016), Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen, NRW, Germany (2011), and took part in various exhibitions including Kunstforum Floesheim, Anita Becker Galerie, Staedelmuseum, Arko Art center, Daegue Museum, and Asia Culture Center.