Liu Heung ShinG

Liu Heung Shing (born in 1951, Hong Kong) is an accomplished photo-journalist, Pulitzer-prize winning photographer and the founder of SCôP (Shanghai Center of Photography). He has also edited of a number of books on Chinese photography, being possessed of a wealth of knowledge about both Chinese and Western photography.  In 1992, he shared the Pulitzer Prize for Spot News for the coverage of the collapse of the Soviet Union.  

Liu Heung Shing’ s publications offer an authoritative voice on photography in China, including China, Portrait of a Country (Taschen, 2008), Shanghai, A History in Photographs 1842-Today (English version)
(Penguin Viking, 2010), and China in Revolution, The Road to 1911 (Hong Kong University Press, 2011). Volumes of his own works include USSR, Collapse of an Empire (Associated Press, 1993) and China After
(Penguin, 1983). In recognition of China After Mao, Newsweek magazine called Liu Heung Shing“ The Cartier-Bresson of China.”