2017 Jimei X Arles Discovery Award Winner Announced

After long-time discussion from the jury members, photographer Feng Li won the 2017 Jimei X Arles Discovery Award. He will be awarded 200,000 RMB prize and an exhibition in 2018 Rencontres d’Arles. In the meantime, Siu Wai Hang was awarded Special Mention from the jury.

The Jury Members are:

Inri:photographer, Co-founder of Three Shadows Photography Art Center

Charles Jin: the chair of the board of French photo agency Sipa Press. 

Sam Stourdzé:Rencontres d'Arles Director

Wang Huangsheng:Former Director of CAFA Art Museum

Bérénice Angremy : 2017 Jimei X Arles International Photo Festival Director 

The festival director Ms Bérénice Anremy hosted the Award Ceremony. Mr. Wang Huangsheng announced the Special Mention from the jury members. In the end, the award winner was announced by Mr. Sam Stourdzé.

2017 Jimei X Arles Discovery Award Winner:

Feng Li (nominated by Thomas Sauvin)

2017 Jimei X Arles Special Mention:

Siu Wai Hang (nominated by Tang Zehui)


Feng Li expressed his gratitude to the juries after being awarded the prize. He especially thanked Rongrong and Inri for their hard work in establishing Three Shadows Photography Art Center, which has contributed a lot to the development of comteporary Chinese photography. He said, "Even if I live in Sichuan province, however, I was nominated for Three Shadows Photography prize, and received lots of help. After all, I have to thank my curator Thomas Sauvin very much. " 


Words from Thomas Sauvin:

Feng Li is the man of one series, White Night, which he has worked on for more than 10 years. All his talent, flair, and technique, are deployed in one and the same work, intimately tied to his daily life. If some practice photography as if it were like hunting, one can say that Feng Li practices it more like calligraphy or morning taichi. Like a sportsman or musician who repeats a movement 100 or 1000 times, Feng Li takes daily pictures in Chengdu. Skilled at shooting very intuitive street photos, he wanders the city, delicately capturing the city's human fauna in all its incredible postures.

Feng Li, from the series  White Night , 2007, courtesy of the artist

Feng Li, from the series White Night, 2007, courtesy of the artist

His photos tend to show chance encounters with an improbable cast of reality, its shopping streets, parks and restaurants. It seems that Feng Li is most at ease at close range rather than going on distant adventures, and it is almost in spite of himself that strange creatures find themselves stuck on his view finder. Feng Li has an eye only for the everyday and it is without effort that he discovers the most unusual scenes of the ordinary spectacle of life. Starlets in mini skirts, old ladies in fake fur, aimless street sleepers, a multicoloured parrot, he pins down unique characters who all, in their own ways, seem to play a part in the great fiction of ordinary life.