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1 guided exhibition tour and 3 talks were broadcasted online by NetEase and ZaiArt app during Opening Week. Now, if you were not in Xiamen at that time, don't worry, scan the QR codes below and check out the programs online anytime, anywhere you want.

Exhibition Tour

On 25th November, Bérénice Angremy, Sam Stourdzé and RongRong guided an exhibition tour at the main venue of the festival. So far, 70039 audiences have watched this program online.

Click the picture and get access to the video at NetEase

Click the picture and get access to the video at NetEase



This year, we invited curators, artists and experts to give 3 talks focused on different topics and aspects. ZaiArt app provided the online live streaming for us. Over 12 000 audiences have watched the programs.

Is this Photography? Image production in China today

Whether they are using archive, manipulating advertising images, or images published by internet and social media users, photographers are no longer simply the person behind the camera clicking the shutter button. The image can either be shot, reproduced, copied, edited… While a number of photographic artists have begun to borrow imagery from the public, at the same time the consumer society is producing images that are absorbing photographic art forms. This talk will question the relation between art and commerce photographers' works and the explosion of image consumption and production in China today. 

Moderator: He Yining.

Speakers: He JingDu XiyunWang Qi, Xiang ZhenhuaWu DingWang Haiqing.

In Mandarin. 

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The emergence of photographers’ collectives. Is there strength in unity?


This year, Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival shows the work of three photographic collectives: Blank Paper, which emerged in Madrid (Spain) in the early 2000s at a time of profound economic crisis; Ruang MES 56, an artist-run space established in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) in 2002; the real (nominated for 2017 Jimei x Arles Discovery Award), a recently established trio of Chinese photographers born in the 1990s, whose work explores the frontier of performance and photography. This talk is an opportunity to discuss the strategies that lead artists who unite in photographic collectives - a group of photographers working together under the same name - in their struggle against a world in crisis, both economically and socially, in which photography drowns in a mass of images while the identity of an artist arises or disappears according to modes and policies.

Moderator: Nataline Colonnello

Speakers: Blank Paper (Sonia Berger, Julian Baron, David Hornillos)、Ruang MES 56 (Wimo Ambala Bajang), Nie Xiaoyi.

In English. 

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Photography, history and memory

Photographers can be "doctors" who uncover and observe different kinds of phantom pains, by appropriating forgotten images and plots from the past, as curator Shen Chen puts it in his exhibition Phantom Pain Clinic, confronting the works of contemporary artists from all horizons on historical events or characters such as Hiroshima, the Nazi Germany’s siege of Leningrad or Sun Yat-sen. Photographers can also be witnesses of their own time, by recording political and social change, by reflecting history in the making - like Lan Zhigui in Tibet in the 1960s and 1970s, or photographers from Blank Paper (Stories of the Immediate Present) and Ruang MES 56 (Alhamdullilah We Made It about the refugee crisis) nowadays. This talk will discuss how artists use photographic images in order to explore questions of history and memory.

Moderator: Tang Zehui.

Speakers: Shen ChenYoshikatsu Fujii, Wimo Ambala Bajang (Ruang MES 56), Wu ShixiongThomas Sauvin.

In English and Chinese

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