Along with the exhibition program, a number of events are organized for photography professionals, art lovers and the public during the Opening Week (November 25-November 28):

  • Jimei x Arles Discovery Award: 10 young talents of Chinese photography selected by five young curators. The winner of the 2017 Jimei x Arles Discovery Award, selected by a jury composed of Sam Stourdzé, Bérénice Angremy, inri, Charles Jin and Wang Huangsheng, will be awarded a 200,000 RMB prize and an exhibition in 2018 Rencontres d’Arles;
  • Exhibition tours guided by the artists and curators themselves: Sam Stourdzé; RongRong & inri; Mathieu Pernot; Sonia Berger and members of Blank Paper collective Julian Baron and David Hornillos; Sina Shiri; Lu Yanjin and Huang Rui; Wimo Ambala Bajang (Ruang MES 56); Huang Jianpeng; Wang Tuo, Yoshikatsu Fujii and Shen Chen; BrokenIce and Ruben Lundgren; Xiang Zhenhua and He Jing; Ai Moyang, Li Bo, Zhang Zhujun, Zheng Hongchang and Du Xiyun; Lara Gasparotto, Sarah Mei Herman, Arnoud Noordegraf, Wu Ding and Chen Wei; Yu Feifei, Siu Wai Hang and Tang Zehui; Feng Li, Sun Yanchu and Thomas Sauvin; Shao Wenhuan, Yu Mo and Liu Tian; Guo Yingguang, Jiang Yuxin and He Yining; Deng Yun, the real and Nie Xiaoyi;
  • Photofolio Reviews (November 26-27): young photographers will have the rare opportunity to meet one-on-one with high-caliber experts in the field of photography such as Sam Stourdzé, RongRong, Mathieu Pernot, Bérénice Angremy, Karen Smith, Liu Heung Shing, Charles Jin, Huang Jianpeng, Sonia Berger, Shen Chen, He Yining, Chen Wei, Ruben Lundgren, Thomas Sauvin, Tang Zehui, Liu Tian, Marine Cabos. Apply for a Photo Folio Review
  • Talks and lectures about photography (November 26-27): “Is this Photography? Image production in China today”; “The emergence of photographers’ collectives. Is there strength in unity?”; “Photography, history and memory”; Pecha Kucha Night;
  • Photo Book Station (November 26-29): organized by Three Shadows Art Store (Beijing & Xiamen), a selection of photography-related publications from Chinese and international publishing houses: photobooks of exhibited artists, Three Shadows Press publications, limited edition collectible platinum prints and collotype portfolios, artist hand-made books, self-published and photography magazines, etc;
  • ‘Arles Night of the Year’ screening (November 25-26): the unmissable festive event of the opening week is a photo walk featuring around 20 proposals —in which Rencontres d’Arles festival’s favorite artists and photographers and institutions were given carte blanche—projected in loops on a big screen;
  • Jimei x Arles – Madame Figaro China Women Photographers Award: the laureate, selected by a prestigious jury composed of leading figures in art, cinema and fashion, will be awarded 50,000 RMB and the opportunity to shoot a photo series for Madame Figaro China, with the support of Kering – Women in Motion.
  • ‘New Asian Scenery’ film screenings: Chinese director Guo Xiaodong will present a selection of Asian movies during the festival.