ruang mes 56

alhamdulillah we made it

Located in the periphery of Southeast Asia, Indonesia has been an active transit country for refugees. Over the years, refugees from the Middle East were brought to shelters in Java before they could finally find asylum elsewhere. The Yogyakarta-based photo collective Ruang MES 56 conceived the project Alhamdulillah We Made It in collaboration with the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Yogyakarta, after finding anti-refugee posters on the walls and in some restaurants of Yogyakarta. Rather than viewing the refugee issue from a political point of view, their work focuses on the human aspect of this phenomenon, and on how a photo collective could react to the refugee crisis. Showing photo series, a photobook, postcard sets, videos and archives, their exhibition is also a case study on the dynamics of a photo collective.

LOCATION : jimei citizen center