Same Seasons, Different Memories

Beak Jungki, Chung Heeseung, Ha Tae-Bum, Kim Seunggu, Yoo Youngjin


Most of us experience a variety of seasons in our lifetime. Though they may come and go in cycles every year, each season has its distinct color, temperature, and fragrance, as well as moments perceived differently depending on individual experience that are consequently remembered independently. We fill these seasons with our daily routine and livelihood without any special occasion; only to later realize that countless memories were being created and connected by the environment around us. In this exhibition, under the title Same Seasons, Different Memories, Korean artists Beak Jungki, Chung Heeseung, Ha Tae-Bum, Kim Seunggu and Yoo Youngjin, present Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, through their own perspective and language. Their works embody and capture a moment or memory of the artist's expression of the cycle of time, seasons, and human nature, both literally and figuratively, giving us the chance to stop and reflect on the changing times.

Park Haeni

LOCATION: Jimei Citizen Square Main Exhibition Hall

In partnership with SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation.