Born in 1978 in Zhoukou (Henan province), Sun Yanchu now lives in Zhengzhou. His recent exhibitions include: The Egotist in the darkroom solo exhibition in Hong Kong Art Basel 2016, Chinese Photography: Twentieth Century and beyond at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in 2015. His works are collected by art institutions and individuals. Sun Yanchu's photos and videos combine his personal life experience with his understanding of photography, painting and image editing. On the one hand he shoots vigorous and lonely pictures, on the other hand he tries to find images abandoned by history. By painting and editing them, he gives them a new life. His works Obsessed and Ficciones were published in 2011 and 2016 by Jiazazhi Press. He has won Gucang Dummy Award Martin Parr Edition prize in 2015, New Photography Award of Lianzhou International Photography Annual in 2011 and of MIO Award Special Mentions in 2010.