CURATED BY Song Zhenxi

co-curated by Gong Haoyan

There are parts of the world untouched by capital that the artist refers to as the “remaining”. Artist Tang Jing lives in Wuhan, China, a metropolis in the midst of urbanization. He occupies most of his time seeking the remaining parts of the world. Through his lens these forgotten corners of the world are cut off with the illusion of reality; the expressiveness of the light and shadow remove the simple narrative of documentary visualization. This gives his objects the quality of an artistic, literary fable. His lucky audience is permitted to enter an unmanned zone, the zone of fantasy, that reflects human civilization in a novel way. 

Tang Jing’s image is in a race with the illusion world, forming gaps inside the structures of the city that allow the viewer to enter. His work is reminiscent of the French photographer Eugene Atget (1857-1927), who similarly was looking for a real world entrance during the urbanization of Paris. Atget was not trying to establish a humanitarian language of images, but was instead trying to construct a silent critique. Now, Tang Jing’s creation can be said to be a tribute to Eugene Atget.

Song Zhenxi