Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

Xiamen Tianxia Jimei Media Co.,Ltd.

Special Co-organizer

Rencontres d'Arles


Xiamen Bank Co.,Ltd. Xiamen Branch

Xiamen Rural Commercial Bank

Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. Xiamen Branch


Xiamen Xinglin Construction and Development Co., Ltd.

Wan Shun Housing Group

Steering Committee

Xiamen Jimei District Federation of Literary Art Circles

Executive production

DOORS 门艺 Art & Culture Agency




RongRong, Sam Stourdzé

ART DirectorS

Bérénice Angremy, Victoria Jonathan


Yao Gaocai, Xu Dong, Lucie Vadé


Managers: Tang Lingzi, Teng Qingyun

Officers: Ma Yichao, Cheng Dong, Jia Zhiheng

Communications / Media Relations

Communications manager: Nina Zhang

Media managers: Lea Lu, Zhao Jiexin

Local Media Manager: Chen Jing

Communications team: Ding Ruifeng, Stefania Zhuang, Luo Lupeng, Felix Felisaz, Bai Tiange, Paige Strockis

Opening Week / Events

Managers: Gu Yimin, Zhang Siqi, Xu Dong, Teng Qingyun

Team: Stefania Zhuang


Managers: Huang Shuping, Hu Jiawen

PhotoBook Station

Team: Lu Liqing, Mou Yan, Ren Baiyu, Chen Jinjin

Exhibition Construction

Manager: Gu Yimin

Team: Li Jiezhen, Qiu Ping, Liang Ye, Hao Xuyuan, Yang Jing, Chen Yan

Creative Direction and Design

Manager: Hu Yulin

Space Design

Wang Yuchen

Rencontres d’Arles


Sam Stourdzé

Vice director

Aurélie de Lanlay

executive director

Agnès Benichou

communication direction

Aurélien Valette

exhibition Production direction

Caroline Courrioux

Exhibition production manager

Cécile Nédélec

exhibition on-site management

Cécile Peillon, Françoise Perronno

Space Design

Olivier Etcheverry, Amanda Antunes

Assisted by

Juliette Collomb, Lauriane Hervieux