Turning Point – Fujian Photographers from the 1980's

Chen Yongpeng, Cui Jiannan, Jiao Honghui, Li Shixiong, Wang LUJIA, Zeng Huang, Zhou Yuedong

CURATED BY fifty society

The 1980s is undoubtedly one of the most significant periods in the history of China. “After (…) the Cultural Revolution (…) Chinese photographers cautiously began to explore the limits of their freedom”, as Mary Warner Marien, historian of photography, wrote in her newly published book, Photography: A Cultural History.

The seven Fujian-born photographers exhibited in Turning Point – Fujian Photographers from the 1980s selected some of their exploration-conscious works from the 1980s that reflect and review what photography was like in Fujian (and the rest of China) during the early economic period.

Turning Point – Fujian Photographers from the 1980s is a reflection on the creative status of several expressive and exploratory photographers from the 1980s. A retrospective based on original works and literature, it shows these creators’ mentality and growth paths in an era and form that is slipping away from us today. 

“As contemporary visual art keeps thriving, historic photographs taken by official or non-official photographers are coming into public view. This indicates that the world’s most populous country will eventually be in the position to construct its own history of photography.” 

Zeng Huang

LOCATION: MORE ART MUSEUM North Shore Art District