What’s Up, Siri Boy!

Josfin Arnell, Chen Zhou, Kate Durbin, Feng Chen, Faith Holland, Yang Zhiqian, Ye Linghan, Siri

CURATED BY Li Yuanyuan & Yang Zhiqian

When you enter a dating sim visual novel, your social network is automated. This exhibition turns the spotlight on avatar character, Siri Boy (Xili 吸力 meaning “sucker” is a Chinese transliteration of Siri). By randomly isolating samples from a “love database”, seven “seemingly social” sequences between the protagonist (seven artists) and the love object (Siri Boy) are generated.

Siri Boy speeds along the information superhighway, puncturing every part of the story, weaving information with human emotions, and exposing us to high drama - the Theatre of Cruelty - marked by the overwhelming effect of sound and light.


Special thanks: New Century Art Foundation, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art.