Being Human

CURATED BY William A. Ewing

William Wegman is a renowned, versatile American artist who resists an easy classification, as he moves adroitly between painting, drawing, photography, video. Although his famed Weimaraners are not featured in all these media, they reside at the core of his art. In the late 1970s Wegman found in the large-format Polaroid print his ideal means of expression—the perfect print size, exquisite colour, and an ‘instantaneity’ which allowed for spontaneity and beneficial ‘accidents’. Wegman’s world may revolve around his dogs, and yet, is it all really about dogs? Being Human suggests otherwise: these performers are us; we are them: housewife, astronaut, lawyer, priest, farm worker, even a… dog walker! Some pose proudly and with confidence, others express doubts or vulnerabilities: it’s all about being human.

LOCATION: Jimei Citizen Square

Publication: Being Human, Thames & Hudson, 2017.