Hu-Wei 胡伟.jpg

Wong Wingsang

Born 1990, Guangdong, China. Lives and works in Hong Kong.

Wong Wingsang moved to Hong Kong with his father at the age of 4. He got the Cheung's Fine Arts Award in 2013, while he was studying Fine Arts in CUHK. His artworks were exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. His artistic creation focuses on the composition of contemporary society, as well as the unspoken rules and the personal subsistence state in it. He currently tries to use ready-made objects and images to build metaphors, exploring the subtle emotions and gray zone beyond everyday language. Recent exhibitions include solo exhibition The Slowest Wind (Canton Gallery, Guangzhou, 2018), group exhibition Chen Pai'an, Wong Wing Sang, Wu Sibo (Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing, 2018), Photo booth (ParaSite, Art Basel HK, Hong Kong, 2017), among others.