Xue Zijiang (1910-1962, Shunde, Guangdong) was a famous Chinese landscape photographer. He moved to Hong Kong at age 11 to make a living. From 1929 to 1933, he served as an elevator worker at Hong Kong's Guangdong Bank. In 1933, he began to take photos. The first prize of the Hong Kong Frento Photography Competition was the first photographic award he received. He was later awarded the rst prize of the Hong Kong Photography Competition hosted by Desai West for two consecutive years. He then participated in the "620 group" which was composed of amateur photographers in Hongkong. In 1941, Xue Zijiang and friends opened an international photography room on Queen's Road. They began to devote themselves to artistic photography. After the outbreak of the Pacific War, he left Hong Kong and went back to Guangdong. In 1945, after the Japanese surrendered, Xue Zijiang opened the Guanglin photography shop in Guangzhou and founded the Association of Photography there, with Cai Junsan serving as its first president. After 1949, Xue Zijiang served as a photographer in China News Agency, became the executive director of the Association of Chinese Photography, executive director of China Photography magazine, and a jury member for the National Photo Festival. Xue Zijiang was also a member of the Royal Photographic Association of the United Kingdom, a honorary member of Dutch photo magazine Focus, and a honorary member of the Indian Photography Association.